RHEL - Snap - ZeroTier - selfhosted - /var/lib/zerotier/moon.d/


I want to join a RockyLinux server (RHEL) to my selfhosted ZeroTier-network.

RHEL and alikes uses SNAP for installing ZeroTier.

The problem is that I can’t find where to put my moon-file which my noodes needs to be able to find other noodes in my ZeroTier-network.

In other distros I put the moon-file in the directory /var/lib/zerotier/moon.d/ but there is no such directory in a snap-application.

I will reply to my own question with the right answer.

The directory moons.d/ should be placed at /var/snap/zerotier/common/

In that directory you place your 0000xxxx.moon file which contain keys and IP-addresses to your own moons, that are not connected to the Internet.

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