Route between ZeroTier and home network (Raspberry)

Unfortunately, since I got Starlink, I can no longer access my home network remotely. Starling is only offering CGNAT. For this reason, I have been looking for the best way to solve this. One possibility I have found with Zerotier. I can access my NAS and my computer remotely with my phone.

Now I thought I can extend this with a bridge (Raspberry) to reach other devices where I can’t install Zerotier directly. I had the following instructions

I think I followed this tutorial step by step but unfortunately I can’t reach my home network yet. The Raspberry appears in the Zerotier control panel and it also has the Zerotier IP.

My home network is a segmented network where I currently use the following subnet The Raspberry is also in it and has the local address The settings in the Control panel are as follows

As I interpret the instructions should be correct but since I unfortunately do not get it to run but something thoughtful. If anyone has a similar setup I would be very grateful for help :wink:

I had the same issue and by changing the ZT range to 172.x.x.x I was able to route between the 2 networks.
Before I could ping from the Raspberry both the LAN and ZT network but no routing between them.
So, in your case change the ZT network from to anything in 172.x.x.x and setup.
See also:

The solution was found by @dmiranda

Dear jw_dyan,

Thank you very much for your answer. The problem was much simpler. Unfortunately I didn’t see it initially as I must have had tomatoes on my eyes in excitement / frustration. I had forgotten only a simple number on my router. Instead of it was

Now everything works as expected :wink:

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