Route in from OpenWRT

I have an OpenWRT router which i have ZeroTier running just fine, what I want to achieve is a route from LAN into the ZeroTier network. I have servers running outside of the local network which also have ZeroTier and they are part for the same network.
I see a route table entry on the router which route the whole zerotier network, on the right interface, which works fine between members of the zerotier network, what I would like to achieve, is that this network / connection to be available for the clients of the router as well.
I seen tutorials which make a bridge between the two network, but I’m looking for a simple NAT, however I’m not sure it that’s acceptable, good practice, hard to do, any pitfall with that?

I want to use my OpenWRT router to send Internet traffic to the WAN interface and ZeroTier traffic on the relevant interface.

You do not need neither bridging nor NAT, what you need is just a plain routing.

That is a default behavior - your Zerotier subnet is directly attached for the router, so the corresponding entry in the local routing table will be added automatically.

Once you create a static route for your LAN subnet on the portal, that route will be automatically populated to all the other endpoints on your Zerotier network.

ip route show that the whole zerotier network is already in the routing table, I can see it also in the web interface under also the active routes.
But still it does not work, I have a web server which I opened up for the whole zerotier network, and from the router itself ( connected on ssh ) I can access the site, but the same thing isn’t working on clients connected to the router.

Check on the web server:

  • your router LAN subnet is present in the local routing table
  • local firewall allows traffic for both Zerotier subnet and your router LAN subnet

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