Route PC - PC - PLC

Hello, I would need to connect a PLC to a PC-A(windows), and be able to ping the PLC and PC-A from a PC-B(windows) located in another network. PC-A and PLC are connected via ethernet cable. I created a VPN between PC-A and PC-B, so I can ping PC-A from PC-B, but I can’t ping PLC from PC-B… I also tried to create a route but probably i do something wrong. These are the addresses:
PLC: ; PLC network card:

Routes : via

There is probably something you need to turn on in Windows so that it forwards the traffic back and forth. The zerotier configuration you have looks reasonable.
It might be called Internet Connection Sharing

Check the route in the PLC. Problably the PLC interface does not have a route to respond to the ping. In the PLC there shoud be a route to the network.
Also PC-A might reject the traffic, that is initiated from the PLC, since the PLC is a different network.

Another idea is to expand the network mask like so: via

But it will probaly not work. I also struggle with routing tables. :fist: :fist: :fist:

I tried to enable internet connection sharing but it doesn’t works. And i also tried to do the same thing with Tailscale and it works without setting something on windows.

I tried also the route via but doesn’t works.

And i can’t set any route on the PLC

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