Route Selective traffic internet traffic though ZT/Pi

Hello - I’ve successfully implemented a VPN using ZT and a Pi per KB

Works well and my ZT devices can access everything on the local lan as needed. I’m trying to also route selecitve internet traffic though my Pi, and I got it working by uncommenting

Blockquote /etc/sysctl.conf

net.ipv4.ip_forward = 1


and adding a route to via the IP address of my Pi and enabling “Default Route Override” on the client(s).

strong textMy Issue is that my Pi can’t keep up with that traffic, so all internet speed suffers. I really only need to route a small subnet of traffic though the Pi so that I can write Firewall rules against a known IP address. I have tried adding specific routes, and the Client shows them, but doesn’t use them unless its a default/all route. Not sure if I’m just missing something obvious, or if this use case isn’t supported at this time…


I think you are almost there.

You might need “masquerade” since the pi isn’t the default gateway of the devices in the physical LAN.

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