Routes not updated on MacOS


I currently face the issue, that if I have an existing route to a zerotier allocated IP and then change that route, the MacOS client does not reflect that change unless disconnected and reconnected, at which point the route change is there immediately.

Example: →
change to: →

validate with route get → shows old next hop unless reconnected


We can probably fix this in the next release.
Do you need to change routes like that very often?


We run a setup where devices register themselves to the zerotier network and expose their local networks as routes. So whenever that happens this case can potentially occur. Specifically local networks are auto allocated too, so they might be relinquished again after a while and then another node can export it again which leads to exactly that case.

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Thanks. That should be fixed soon.
In the current version, if you wait until the old route is deleted before setting the new route, it should work.

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