Routing All Zerotier Traffic through a VPS

Hi, I am a newbie to all of this and have setup a Zerotier network following this link Instead of using a Ras PI, I used a VPS running Ubuntu. My Zerotier subnet is 192.168 194.0/24.

I have 3 devices is the VPS is the MacBook Pro running Monterey is the latest version of iOS 15.5
I added the routing of via

I have installed the relevant Zerotier client on OSX and IOS.
After successfully connecting to the Network via the apps. I turned on the allow default router override (OSX) and Enable Default Route (IOS).

When I check whatismyaipaddress IOS works fine and routes through the VPS, but the OSX still shows the local IP address. On the OSX, when I also turn on both the Allow Managed Address and Allow Default Router Override, the OSX lost all internet connection. This only happens when both options are checked. If only one option is checked, I can connect to the internet. Individually, \with the Allow Managed Address option, I can ping the VPS, but not with the Allow Default Router Override. But neither case shows the VPS address when I check whatismyaipaddress
Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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