Routing behing an Unifi USG router


Managed to finally install Zerotier on a Unifi USG router.
The router is now part of our Zerotier network, and I wish I could access everything that’s behind the router (printers, servers…)

LAN IP for the USG is on (network 192.168.50.x)
And it’s Zerotier address (network 10.147.17.x)

To reach the 192.168.50.x network, do I need to create routing at the router level? Or at Zerotier level?
Do you have a simple steps on how to to it at Zerotier level?

Thanks !

to reach the 192.168.50.x network, from a Zerotier network, you will need to assign that at Zerotier central

Managed Routes via

keep it simple :wink:

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