Routing only works on one camera

I’ve used this tutorial to set up route between ZeroTier and my local network :

After activating Zerotier, I can access apps on my local network by entering the local url in the browser when outside my network.

However, I also want to access my security cameras. I’m using Reolink cameras and the native Reolink app. When I’m outside of network and after activating Zerotier, when I open the Reolink app, I can only see the stream of 1 camera (the first of my list/first IP in increasing order). The other streams fail to load.

PS: for information, I can access the rtsp stream of all my cameras (one by one) using the VLC app

Does anyone know where the problem may come from ? Is this a Zerotier limitation ? A misconfiguration on my side ? A Reolink app limitation ?

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