Routing through another node

Is there a way to formally route Zerotier packets through another node.

I am the only one with an open port/ip amongst my friends therefore only I have a reliable ping to each and everyone. Everyone else are usually being routed through the moon.

So i am thinking if it is possible to host a UDP bridge node?

Scenario is:
where Node A B and C exists

A and B are under NAT and have bad connection to each other .
A to C and C to B have perfect ideal connections.
A → C → B is hoped to be achieved.


It might be possible. I’m not sure how to go about explaining.
You can add more managed routes to your zerotier network and they will get applied to everyone’s machine. The routes would look like [ip-address-of-a/32] via [ip-address-of-c], [ip-address-of-b/32] via [ip-address-of-c]

You’d also have to enable routing on your (C) operating system. I don’t remember how to do this in Windows.

There’s a high chance this won’t help much.

It’d be better to focus on getting your friend’s routers if at all possible.

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