RTP packets dropped

Hi, I have two routers running on Ubuntu, one installed in the office and the other one in the home. the zerotier office router and PBX are connected to same virtual switch (ESXI Vswitch) . when I call between phone in the office and the phone in my home the call connects but with one way audio.
I did trace the call and from packet capture I can see that the PBX has the two rtp from both sides, but when taking the packet capture from the next point “zerotier office router” I can see the rtp from home only but no rtp from PBX.
again PBX and ZeroTiero router are connected to same switch with same subnet, I can see the rtp is going out from PBX to the home phone IP and can confirm the route is through zerotier office router but cannot see these packet from the router capture. also checked the ubuntu firewall and it is disabled.

any configuration settings need to be done. this is only related to RTP UDP packets.

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