Run software with usb-dongle through zerotier


I want to use zerotier because of Starlink and the CGNAT-IP not allowing VPN´slike OpenVPN etc…

The devices are online and I can get to every fileshare at home, like I can reach when in business… but the BIG Problem is, I use a software with USB-dongle and with an normal VPN I could use that donlge right though VPN, but with zerotier not…
Is there a way to root that dongle with zerotier, like an traditional VPN does it?

I set an root from the network the device with the dongle is in to the zerotier-IP of that device, also I bridged that device… but it is not working


Only traffic going to other ZeroTier nodes goes over the ZeroTier connections. Your regular internet traffic isn’t changed. This is different than a “VPN”

You’d have to be running ZeroTier on whatever the dongle is connecting to. Or set up full tunnel mode. I’m not sure without knowing more about the dongle.