Running hMailserver (SMTP) for Windows not Receiving Email in Zerotier Network

I’m running Zerotier on Windows 10
In same host installed hMailserver for testing email incoming/outgoing
hMailserver runs with hostname localhost
Since I’m behind CGNAT ISP is blocking TCP/25
So i’m trying run SMTP from Zerotier network.
I have added ZT IP assgined to windows host to hostname in hMailServer.
I have added ZT IP in hMailserver for listening and delivery.
I tried all possible settings, but i cannot receiving or send emails
Is it is achievable to run SMTP server with ZT Network
Can anyone help.
I can access other local network services from internet, no issues.
hMailServer Configuration guide link
Configuration tutorial - hMailServer - Free open source email server for Microsoft Windows

Attached hMailServer screen print

Are you trying to host a SMTP server inside a network behind a CGNAT and attempting to send or receive e-mail to/from outside your network?

If this is true, I think you misunderstood the concept of ZT.

ZT won’t gives you public IP address, so your public IP address still the same from your ISP, meaning you can’t reach your “server” from outside in a specific port (25).

But, if you are trying to build a private network with private smtp server (meaning no outside e-mail delivery) you can user ZT to do this.

Thanks for the explanation.
Actually i was trying if i could get rid of port 25 restriction from ISP for home subscriber.
I’m not sure how to use out going smtp sever address in email client with ZT for private network.
With ZT i could use IMAP send/receive works fine.
But smtp fails. is ZT blocking port 25
For public IP can’t we use ZT network with ZT clients to send/receive emails (port 25) just like remote access e.g.RDP behind CGNAT restriction with out requiring port forwarding.

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