Samba Howto Please

Hi, I really would have appreciated to have found an example for a configuration that does not seem to be too exotic to not be found in the docs in a very prominent place:

  • samba server accessible to vpn clients
  • clients are only able to communicate with server, do not see each other (isolation)

In simple words: one or more samba servers offer access to shares available to clients, but of course the clients should still be safely isolated from each other.

I tried to fiddle, read and understand the flow manual and I believe I have something, but after reading too much of the too long docs I am totally tired and confused now of the over-complexity of what seems to be a simple thing and I would love to see an official howto made by people who understand the pitfalls and side-effects of forgetting one single word, so it wold be very nice, if such an example would find its way into the official docs - THANK YOU!

There’s a good example where a similar set of configurations was used in a Defcon competition recently, see: Locking Down Zerotier
In their scenario, the clients had to be isolated, with access only permitted to a target server/s.
So, it matches what you are trying to achieve.

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