See all users IP connected to the network

Is there a way to share all IPs connected to the network?
E.g. user 1 has and user 2 has How can user 1 send its IP to user 2?

you need a router to do this.

Sorry, I’m a musician trying to connect a software remotely. A router will serve if network connections are abroad?

if you need to have data go between two different subnets, you need a router to do that. Could be a device connected to both zerotier networks.

I’m still wanting to know your setup though because you should just be connecting both devices to the same zt network and having data flow by default. I think you’re doing something wrong…

Sure it’s something wrong. This is the setup

I’m sending OSC data from one patch to the same patch but in another computer abroad.
As you know, we need the other’s IP adress and a port. What I’m guessing is that the owner of the network could send the data over email.

Thanks dandenson!

That’s what will have to happen. Same would be true if the users were all on the same physical LAN. Much like there’s no public listing of all computers connected to a LAN , there is no public listing of all members of a zerotier network.

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