See home network from one device using zero tier

I have network infrustructrure like Modem Zyxel (internet cgnat) connected to wan1 on ubiquity USG, USG Router gives local network with dhcp - . Raspberry pi 4 with debian 12 using as unify controller and home assistant also on that device is the zero tier with succesfully conection.

So i want a solution to have access on my hole local network from device (raspberry) that gives access to zero tier because now if i connect to zero tier from my mobile i can see only the rasperry,
Look the screenshot:

Also i want if it possible to have my real local ips, for example posibility to enter because i notice that Managed IPs doesnt work properly i can enter only on auto generated ip not the custom ,.

Anyone that faced the same situation please?

For the managed IP issue, you need to assign an IP from a LAN subnet under your managed routes. It looks like you have as your ZT LAN subnet, so the IP you want to add would need to be within that range. If you input an IP outside of those ranges, it’ll accept it, but it’ll never get assigned to an interface on the node. Think of this like getting an IP from DHCP or statically assigning an IP to a node.

For your main question, there’s 2 primary ways to solve this; routing or bridging. I’d recommend trying to solve this with routing.

For this, you’ll need to first add a managed route within ZeroTier. It will be: via This tells your ZeroTier devices like the S21 you have configured how to get to the subnet (via your Raspberry Pi in this case). Here’s an example:

Next, on the Pi, you need to enable IP forwarding. This will allow a packet received on the Pi to be forwarded to the rest of your network:

sudo echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward

To make that change persistent, either add or uncomment this line in /etc/sysctl.conf:

net.ipv4.ip_forward = 1

Now you need to make sure that your physical network knows how to get back to your ZeroTier network. You can add a static route in your USG to with a next hop of

The USG uses a stateful firewall, so you’ll also likely need to add a rule allowing traffic between and since the traffic will be slightly asymmetric.

Thank you very very much! everything works!!!
I skipped the firewall step and also working perfectly,
Im really happy with that, with that solution ill avoid to pay extra sim (without cgnat) subscription about 30euro per month!!!

Awesome! Glad to hear it worked. It’s nice that the firewall allowed the traffic without you needing to adjust anything.

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