Self-hosted controller behind nat

I’m trying to setup a server behind NAT to be a controller for a network, however I am unable to connect to it, and I suspect the issue is that port 9993 is not accessible from outside network. I am using public roots, and the network is discoverable, just the clients cannot connect, including localhost.

Are there any alternative self-hosted configuration that are still publicly discoverable?

Controllers use the same discovery and NAT traversal as regular nodes.

I’m confused, I just retested with another fresh network, and now everything seems to work perfectly. I’m sorry for the confusion. So unless I run my own moon, there shouldn’t be any problems as long as outbound UDP is permitted.

I’ve read that hosting your own roots will be different in v2, but is it safe to assume that at least one root/node will have to allow global listen to a 9993 UDP port or equivalent in v2 as well?

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