Self Hosted Network Controller - Join to network

Self-Hosted Controller

Hello, I’ve setted up Zerotier controller on my Ubuntu server machine as a docker container using Ztncui image.

I have opened the ports, created nodes, everything is working fine, communication between nodes is working etc.

As I’m new to Zerotier, I would like to know if there is a way that I join one of the created networks with the same Ubuntu server that is hosting the Zerotier controller itself.

When I go to my Docker container instance on the machine and execute the zerotier-cli peers command, I can see all the nodes from all networks, and I can ping their ips, but I can’t reach some services that are hosted on that nodes.

When I join one of the networks with machine that is hosting network controller, I get managed ip assigned but I also get Peer status saying “Controller” while other nodes are having Offline/Online status with zerotier version as a peer status.

Also I’m not able to connect to the server machine using that assigned ip, from the other nodes in the network…

Is there any way that Self-Hosted machine can connect to a node and it’s services/resources?

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