Self-hosted network: does not support p2p connection?


I have two computers: A and B
A is in my home and B is in my office
I could get p2p connection between A and B through Zerotier network, made from Zerotier central

This time I wanted to host network myself, by hosting network controller on compute C, which is also in my office
Joined both computer A and B to the network controlled by C,
this time A and B can’t reach each other through p2p connection
so latency is much higher

A, B and C are all behind NAT.
Do I also need to host moon myself to get p2p connection?
Why can’t they initiate p2p connection with self-hosted network

Thank you!

This isn’t a function of self hosted vs Central. All instances of zerotier use the same method to find paths to each other whether self hosted or hosted by us. My best guess is that there’s a firewall or router somewhere in the mix that’s preventing direct connections.

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