Self hosting planet combine official roots server

hello ,Due to network reasons, the default root server cannot be accessed. My solution is to create a root server by yourself. However, since the official root server is still required in most cases, you need to add your own server to mkworld.CPP, but still three groups of official root server addresses are reserved. However, the final result is that the official root server cannot be connected (in China), so please ask me how to get the available root service node (the hexadecimal in the variable zt_default_world does not know how to restore to the original address), or how to associate my own and official root when creating the root, Finally, the official root and the own root can be used at the same time, and they can communicate with each other

Have you tried using "moon"s? They work in addition to the official roots. You don’t need to compile zerotier to use them.

Yes, I have tried moon, but the mobile terminal cannot be added to my moon. If only in theory, include my own and any node in the root of the official source to build my own planet file, replace Can the client’s planet use the official and its own hosting network at the same time? Because in my case, the nodes in the official source code are always unable to connect.

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