Self-update for ZeroTier One Windows Client

Every platform has their own way of handling these things so I’m specifically targeting the windows desktop client with this. It would be great, if the windows client had some mechanism for self-updating/prompting for updates. I’m considering options for automated deployment of updates, but our shop’s endpoints are not strongly centrally managed.

I understand many windows admins actually abhor self-updating programs (for obvious change-control reasons), so a method to enable/disable this via registry or config would be ideal.

Maybe something is already planned and I should not bother trying to automate this?

THIS. One of the biggest issues, maybe the only serious issue that I have with zerotier is that the windows clients fall out of data AND frequently need a reinstall to get working. Some routine check to make sure all the bits and bobs on the back end are working right and update the client would be very welcome.