Sending a print job from within a Docker container to a ZeroTier network printer when a webhook triggers

Hi all,

Now this is fun.

I have a zero tier network with the following goal…

  • my local machine hosting a physical printer
  • my remote server listening to a webhook
  • when remote server picks up webhook signal, it processes data on the remote server and sends print job to my local printer.

What I have working…

  • zerotier setup on both machines
  • printer setup with CUPS on both machines
  • can print from remote server to local machine’s printer via CUPS interface / test print
  • webhook listener is written and recieving webhooks and processing data

It’s all done, except this one step

The webhook listener on my remote server is written in Flask / Python and running in a Docker container. So it works perfectly, however… how can I get the Docker container to access the xerotier network, so it can see the ‘local’ printer and print?

This is one step I didn’t consider when choosing docker and wonder if I have to can Docker altogether. I’m truly hoping I don’t have to.

Is anyone skilled in this here?

Thank you

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