Server 1:1 clone - what happens with ZT auth?

Hey there,

due to an infrastructure update I will have to clone some virtual windows servers running ZT. Now I am wondering what will happen to ZT if I clone the servers and make them live 1:1 clone copies.

Will ZT just run (since both machines are the same) on both machines at the same time, or will ZT recognize the change and I would have to authorize the cloned servers again (with a different internal IP)?

Any ideas?

If you clone them 1:1 including their private keys you’ll have two nodes with the same resulting node id announcing themselves → other ZeroTier nodes will see the node randomly jump between the original and the cloned server. You can either regenerate the node private key and resulting node id on the clone or the original or you have to run just one at a time.


thanks for the reply and the help.

Solved this as stated here:

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