Set ZT DNS as primary on macOS?

Hi all,

I have DNS enabled in my ZT network, and a Windows Server with DNS services joined and set as the DNS server. Clients on my network can do DNS queries to that server if they dig @the.dotted.ip.address .
What I hope to do is define that internal DNS server as the resolver for clients, so they can source their DNS queries from the Windows Server on the virtual network instead of their local DHCP assignment.

Is there a configuration option of ZeroTier that will do this?

Ah, I sorted it out. 1: define the work DNS domain in the ZT panel, tell it that domain is handled by the DNS server that’s on the ZT network
2: include set <networkID> allowDNS=1 in the configuration, and now that domain’s DNS is handled by the ZT network. For domain connection needs, the device now has the same network path as an on-LAN device.

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