Setting up ZeroTier with Starlink for remote access to a legacy NVR using RPi

Can’t seem to make it work, have followed all steps but must be doing something wrong

There’s nothing different about installing, configuring, and running ZeroTier behind StarLink. It works the same whether you’re behind StarLink, xDSL, FTTN, FTTH, DOCSIS, etc.

I am using ZT behind Starlink for remotely managing a handful of servers. The only problem I have is occasionally Starlink loses WAN because I have trees partially obscuring it’s line-of-sight to the satellites. That’s the weather’s fault, though, as it’s just too hot for me to play with the chainsaw right now.

Make sure you have created a ZT network, joined your nodes to it, and authorized/enabled the nodes on

That’s all you need to do if you’re connecting to a desktop session on the Pi and then browsing to the NVR.

If you’re trying to use the Pi as a gateway to connect to the NVR from a browser on your local machine, though, there’s more to it. For that, perhaps this article will provide you what you need…,to%20now%20need%20a%20gateway.

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