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In the members section of a network, what exactly are “Managed IPs”?
I can’t find any reference of these in the manual.

Those are the IP addresses used by network members to communicate with each other over the ZeroTier network.

When my computer connects to the network, nothing goes into that box. Is that the normal behaviour if the IP address is auto-assigned?

To fix the IP address, do I just need to put it in the “Managed IP’s” box?
If so, does the system recognise that and avoid auto-assigning this IP to other members?

The Managed IP’s are assigned by ZeroTier and are used to communicate with the other devices on the same network. If you connect to the network via the client, you will notice that the device appears on the “Members” list on your
From there, you are required to authorize the device and also have the option to Name and Bridge the device. If you click on the “Spanner” icon next to the devices Address, you are able to select “Do Not Auto-Assign IP’s”
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Thanks, that all makes sense but I just don’t understand the static address bit.

If I have an auto-assign range of but I manually add as an address for a particular device, will it still be given an address from the range if I don’t untick the “Do Not Auto-Assign IP’s” box? Can manual addresses within the auto-range be entered, could they still be assigned to other members?

From what I can see, even with the auto-IP box unchecked, if I have an address typed into the “Managed IP’s” area then an auto-IP isn’t assigned.

Let me ask, those are your Local Ip’s correct?
Have you setup a Managed Route from your Network page?
Are you connecting to ZeroTier via Client or Router?

No, they’re different to my local network IP’s.
I’ve got a managed route for so all the above are covered.
It’s all via clients at the moment.

I’m just trying to understand the terminology of the various parts of the “Members” section.
There isn’t much in the way of documentation like the “Settings” section above it.

Auto-Assign IPs will automatically be assigned if:

  1. You have a managed route assigned to the network.
  2. You have an auto assign range that falls within the managed route.
  3. It does not already have an address assigned that falls within the managed route.

In your case, your managed route is and you manually assigned it to That address falls within, and as such, no additional addresses will be assigned.

If your managed route was (matching your auto assign range), then an additional address within will be assigned even when manually assigning addresses outside of that range unless “Do Not Auto-Assign” is checked for the node.

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Thanks for the breakdown, that’s a really good way to describe it!
Could this be added to a “Members Help” similar to the existing “Settings Help” section on the network settings page?


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