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Bought a computer made it my server at work location 1, bought a computer as a client at work location 2. Have a PC at home. I want to be able to save files from work location 2 and home to the server at work location 1. How? I have installed Zerotier and have that network established with these locations. I just go to save a file (i.e. excel, word, quickbooks) to the Zerotier network where location 1 pc is on and cannot locate it on either home pc or work location 2 pc. Help Please?

thanks for writing. ZeroTier only does networking. You can use Windows filesharing over your zerotier connection.

As zt-travis mentions, Windows filesharing looks like the best solution.
If you’re looking for some pointers, just Google “set-up windows fileshare”.
For example this might be a good starting poitn: How to set up network file sharing on Windows 10 • Pureinfotech

Best of luck!

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From PC to PC you need to install open SSH server.

There is a good tutorial from Microsoft on how to do it in powershell.

Once that is done you’ll need a file sharing program such as Filezilla or Win SP.

In the file sharing program put in the zerotier IP of the machine you wish to access.

User name is whatever username you want to access on the computer and then password is your password as if you were logging into that computer physically.

After that you should have a folder access of that computer.

If a virtual desktop is wanted there are several other programs for that as well.

Hope it helps.


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