Shared Folder is not accessible


I am new to Zerotier. I have a simple scenario to take care of but stuck up with it.

I have two desktop PC namely PC1 and PC2, with freshly installed Windows 7 Pro. They are at physically distinct locations. My requirement is that, one PC shall have a shared folder which is mapped as a drive to other PC so that employees can store all business files on a single PC.

I have installed zero tier on both machines, created network on cloud. cloud shows both PC as online and all PC are authorized also. I can ping from PC2 to PC1. When I try to access PC1 from PC2 by doing \\PC1 in Start Menu Run window, I am shown a authentication window.

And when I enter the PC1 system username and password in this login window, the windows explorer in PC2 crashes. refer below screenshot

Need help in sorting out this problem.

Microsoft doesn’t support Windows 7 anymore, therefore we do not either. I would suggest upgrading your operating system.

Regardless, this appears to be a bug in Windows or its implementation of its network sharing feature, not ZeroTier.

If you upgrade your OS to one that we support we would happily try to help you out.

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