Shouldn't the limit be 50 nodes for the free account?

I got this banner today on saying that I have 28 nodes of my limit of 25 nodes limit.

From everywhere I could read, the limit is 50. Why do I being limited to 25?

Free node limits have changed. Emails are going out. Please see the announcement here: ZeroTier Business SSO is here! And so is our new pricing. – ZeroTier


so… why am I limited?

:heavy_check_mark: Update 3: The free ZeroTier Basic plan now allows up to 25 Nodes and 1 Admin with Community support.

Edit: Also, as @zt-joseph explained, your quote refers to running your own controller, not using our hosted network controllers at

@pipeline “self-hosted” means you do everything yourself: controllers, web UI, etc. From your screenshot it appears that you’re relying on us to do all of that for you via our hosted Central product. These are different things.