Site to multi site can ping but curl or apps do not work.

In my office, I have a Mikrotik router, unfortunately not the type that allows ZeroTier to be installed. On our five remote sites, we have Ubuntu Linux servers configured as per the instructions to allow LAN access from ZeroTier.

For these sites, I need to be able to access them from the central office, but I do not need to be able to access the central office from the sites.

To achieve this, I setup another Ubuntu server in the main office configured for ZeroTier to LAN access, with an address of My main router (Mikrotik) is on In the Mikrotik routing table, I address a route to (remote LAN) via

In this configuration, I can ping my local LAN devices (192.168.100.x) and devices on the network. However, if I try to use an app like Ansible to check if the computers are alive or SQL Management Tools to check the SQL Servers, I can ping the addresses of the devices, but none of these applications work. They all report that the device was not found.

Can anyone suggest what may be going wrong? Why can I ping the remote devices but not actually access them?

I guess the server app on Linux is not configured to accept remote connections and waits for local connections only. Nothing to do with ZeroTier.

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