Slow on desktop but fast on laptop on the same network, despite direct connections

I’m using ZeroTier to remotely access my home server and Jellyfin. I have a fast enough (~2MB/s) connection on my laptop, but my desktop won’t do more than (~280KB/s) on the same network, even though they both appear to have a direct connection.

Any ideas what might cause this? Also on the desktop, I appear to be able to download two files simultaneously at ~280KB/s, but single files won’t go faster. I don’t know if it’s relevant, but the server is in the US and I’m accessing it in Australia.

Thanks for writing. Desktop and Laptop are same operating system?

US to Australia will have some latency because it’s very far. Some app/protocols don’t like that very much, but why it works better on one device than another I’m not sure.

The 280KB/s is a SMB, or what protocol?

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