Some hosts can't connect to each other

I posted first the issue on github which was the wrong place… sorry about that.
I am using zerotier for accessing personal servers for family related home automation installations.
Up to recently it was working flawlessly. All of a sudden, I can’t connect from my mac (zerotier 1.8.4) or a VM (linux 1.8.4) to another server Linux 1.6.5.
However, my android phone on the same wifi network as the mac or VM Linux can connect to the remote one.
I then tried using the android phone as hotspot for the mac, no luck either.
I don’t have a firewall on the mac or on the VM. My home wifi network doesn’t prevent outgoing connections (android works anyway).
The remote site has no filtering either.
I have unload/load on the mac. Downgraded to 1.6.5. Looking at zerotier-cli output nothing really pops out.
I have tried to change the private IP addressing scheme.
Basically, I have tried “everything” that I can think of without improvement.
Any suggestion on what I can do? Thank you for any hint!

thanks for writing. Is it possible to upgrade the linux to 1.8.4?

Earlier versions could get “stuck” sometimes. Not completely stuck, but on a peer by peer basis.

On common distros, you can apt update; apt install zerotier-one to update.

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Thanks. That was it. IMHO quite strange to lose connection to some but not all…

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