Status Monitoring/Notification


Is there a way to monitor or receive notification when a member of a network goes on/offline?

As a bonus I’d like to integrate it with node-red…



Nothing built in to ZeroTier or, but you could use any monitoring software you like over ZeroTier.
I haven’t looked at that kind of stuff in a while. It’d be great if someone could suggest a simple, easy thing for monitoring services on a LAN!

What about ping?

Thanks Nick,

The issue with using ping as I see it would be;

a) If the member that was initiating the ping dropped its ZT connection that would be a failure
b) Not all member devices will respond to a ping

Ideally we’d want something on zerotier central that monitored each members status…

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One big issue is that being connected to does not necessarily mean the connection to any other device is working.

Thinking about this from the opposite direction, technically what you need is something which is pingable, and will log the pings. So the clients should ping one target periodically, that target should log those pings, and then have a status panel which says if the device is talking over the ZT network; within a certain timeframe.

@zt-travis This might be worthwhile inbuilding into the client, in terms of a periodic ping to a target.

@ceejm1 Depending on the devices, you could set up a task on each which pings a central target, the resulting log would allow you to see who is alive. While this is reverse logic, I believe it would give you many options.

I’m new here, But arping should work shouldn’t it? I think it pings via Macaddr not ip. Switches use the arp table to switch so If a device is there ut must be in the arptable?

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