Strange connectivity problem; how to debug?

I have a ZeroTier Central managed network I use essentially to access some servers (behind a firewall) from outside.

In particular I have a Host machine (Debian Linux) hosting a few VirtualBox Virtual Machines.
I have ZeroTier installed on Host and on one of the VMs.
I can access both from home on the same ZT net.
So far, so good.
Today I noticed the two machines (Host and VM) seem unable to communicate with each other.
This is not really important because I have other means to have them communicate, but Iā€™m surprised and curious.
How can I debug this situation?
Is it a symptom of some misconfiguration?

Thanks in Advance

Did you verify the node-id of your machines. I had the same issue after cloning one machine from another. They ended up having the same id.
try zerotier-cli status

Just by chance I would like to ask, since I will maybe also clone a machine with zerotier the next weeks: what are the needed steps to do after cloning to get a new id?

root@ns1:~# zerotier-cli status
200 info e1c115eb11 1.4.6 ONLINE
root@ns1:~# zerotier-cli listnetworks
200 listnetworks
200 listnetworks 565799d8f676ff01 OKCASH 02:1e:b7:e3:33:88 OK PRIVATE ztr2q66j7x

root@vmhost:~# zerotier-cli status
200 info 0794e815fe 1.4.6 ONLINE
root@vmhost:~# zerotier-cli listnetworks
200 listnetworks
200 listnetworks 565799d8f676ff01 OKCASH 02:f8:e2:1e:cd:67 OK PRIVATE zt1

Notice These are not two, possibly cloned VMs, but one VM and the Host running it.

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