Strange Network Behaviour

Having a very strange issue with a ZeroTier network at the moment. Geographically dispersed nodes, on different physical networks, all Windows 10 or Server 2019. All devices show as ONLINE, but with physical IP unknown in the ZeroTier admin portal. Additionally, clients connecting over the network via RDP are randomly being disconnected, generally after leaving idle for some time, I don’t believe this is related to GPO/etc on Windows Server, but it is possible. The server people are connecting to is a Windows Server 2019 VM behind a pfsense firewall. UPnP is enabled, with default deny and an ACL allowing only the Windows Server to open unprivileged ports.

Any ideas?

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Same issue here. 3 different locations and all nodes are relaying. Are there some ZeroTier controller(s) issues today?

No Controller issues. Relaying suggests nodes can’t establish a direct path between each other, which has nothing to do with the network controllers.

Also, no IP listed on the web portal doesn’t necessarily mean anything is wrong. It just means the controller doesn’t necessarily know the latest IP it was contacted from. It does not affect peer to peer connections between nodes in any way at all.

Very weird, I don’t think mine were relaying at any point, but the controller seems to have decided it can detect the physical IPs of all the devices now. Think the random disconnects may have been a non-ZT related issue.

I have the same problems with the Zerotier Network and the connection is very slow, unknown IP in most of the nodes.

Again the IPs of all the nodes are detected and the connection returned to normal, it is something very strange.

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