I am attempting to connect to a ZeroTier network that I have set up from my laptop, however, it is stuck at “REQUESTING_CONFIGURATION”, and the laptop doesn’t show up in ZeroTier central either. I can fix it temporarily by uninstalling and reinstalling, but the problem keeps reappearing. I am running version 1.6.5, and the laptop is set up to dual boot into Windows and Linux. Other devices on the network don’t have this issue, but I can’t seem to figure out what is causing this issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Is this happening in linux, windows, or both?

I have only used ZeroTier on windows, I don’t even have it installed in linux

Thanks. “Requesting Configuration” is usually some kind of networking problem. It sounds like your router is working ok, if your other devices are working consistently(?)

On Windows, common issues are Windows firewall, other VPN suites running or installed, or some kind of anti-virus thing.

If you feel like it, you could boot into linux and curl -s | sudo bash to install zerotier. If that works OK, it points to something in Windows.

Ok, while I no longer get stuck on Requesting Configuration, my computer will still occasionally fail to connect to the network. On my laptop it will list the network, and show that the status is “OK”, but ZeroTier Central shows the node as offline. Pings to other computers on the network will also fail with the message “TTL expired in transit”. Restarting the computer seems to fix the issue, at least temporarily. I also downloaded ZeroTier in Linux and wasn’t experiencing any issues(although I use Linux less, so wouldn’t notice it as much).

What have tried or changed?

I have reinstalled Zerotier One multiple times, left and rejoined the network, removed and readded the node from Zerotier central, and installed Zerotier on Linux to see if the problem was os dependant.

There’s a work around for getting “stuck” here: Coma Bug Update

What brand of router are you behind?

I have no idea, as I am using school internet

I see. Thanks. Campus internet is commonly hostile to ZeroTier peering.
Writing the local.conf file like described in the linked post does about the same thing and re-installing with a little less hassle.

Ok, thanks. I will try that next time it happens.

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