Stuck on stop - can't shut down the NAS

I had power cut today, so my UPS initiated shut off procedure of my NAS.
Unfortunately NAS didn’t shut down.
When I checked logs I noticed that it stuck on killing zerotier-one process.
Later, for tests I tried to stop Zerotiier manually (from Package Centre), and it didn’t work.
Zerotier process CPU usage went up to 40-50% and process stuck on that (forever?).
I had to uninstall zerotier completely to get rid of the process finally.

I wonder maybe Zerotier for Synology needs reviewing? Other systems has version 1.6.4, but Synology it’s only 1.4.0 - so, a bit outdated.
Also Synology DSM current version is 6.2 and 7.0beta while Zerotier is compiled for DSM 6.0 and 6.1

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