Super slow speeds while using ZT

i travel a bit for work and decided to setup tunneling with zerotier to have a vpn/dns that will hopefully make disney/hbo work in other countries, along with having access to home assistant while using cellular outside of the house.

zerotier is running on a ws2019 machine. i have one interface thats connected to the internet being shared with the zerotier vnic. there are two routes on zerotier: via vnic IP) and (LAN).

my phone works properly. when i enable zerotier while on 5g my ip changes and i have access to home assistant.

however, the speeds are not great. maxing out at 30-70mbps.

wifi speeds on phone with/without zerotier: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

ethernet speeds to computer:

when i run zerotier-cli peer, everything is listed as direct.

im dumb as shit and have spent a bit googling. about the only suggestions are to open UDP ports on router and check windows firewall but i’ve already done that. any input is appreciated.

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