Support for Mikrotik devices

if you want to really see Zerotier used in many many use cases you should support Mikrotik devices (linux based).
Also official support for OPNSense and PFSense would be very nice.
I see you support NAS devices but people use firewalls and not nas to build complex networks.


We’d love to support Mikrotik, however they don’t have an SDK, nor allow 3rd parties to develop software for their platform :frowning:

@mgiammarco (or anyone else who is interested) There is a thread about adding ZeroTier support on the Mikrotik forum. If you would like to add your voice, it would be very much appreciated!

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They usually ignore even if they see 100000 requests…

Infact I see they are quite old style: if users ask they do not reply.
My opinion is that zerotier should write them and ask for an official collaboration.

That would be a killer feature for me, but as somebody else said - they just keep ignoring these requests and move in their of pace - sloooowly :slight_smile:
Just look at WireGuard support on Mikrotiks.

@Michal I understand the wariness of posting on yet another support forum and not hearing anything back, but in this instance, I would not suggest it unless I thought it would help.

It is really an apples-to-oranges comparison of the lack of WireGuard support on a platform vs. a company’s supported product. WireGuard is a project and ultimately it is subject to the whims of its creator. What makes projects like this attractive for *OSS software may not be workable in other instances, commercial or not.

Honestly, I am unable to blame any networking provider for keeping their platform as simple as possible, especially when changes will impact user support.

@zt-joy ok I will nag them too, hopefully it’s different in this case. So you are thinking about them making it easier (or possible at all) for you to build for Mikrotiks, right? Just curious, what if they wanted to do their own implementation like they did with OpenVPN - would they need get a license?