Support network controllers on root servers

I have read the document

it said

Generally root servers don’t join or control virtual networks and network controllers are not root servers, though it is possible to have a node do both.

Yes, now we can run network controllers on our self-hosted root servers (moons).

However, it seems that the “two roles on one server” configurations are NOT OFFICIALLY supported by the developers, which means it could change or break in future.

ZT allows users to set up their own “moons” to speed up the connections.

There is no doubt that users can SAVE the server expenses if we can run the two roles on one server, especially for personal or home usage.

Therefore, I’m not actually requesting a completely new feature, but stating the needs of a subset of users.
I hope developers can consider this and OFFICIALLY support this “two roles on one server” configurations.

Thank you.

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