Switching zerotier networks causes peers link from DIRECT to RELAY

A third party technician needs access to a PLC behind a zerotier node (Windows 10 22H2). I do not want to give the third party access to my main zerotier network, so I created a new one.

Then I joined the technician, my laptop and the windows pc to the new network.

When turning off the old zerotier network after a few seconds
zerotier-cli peers
shows that the node that had previously the link status DIRECT now has the link status RELAY.

Unfortunalty the connection turns bad.

So I did not change any other settings, other than join and switching to the new zerotier network.
The troubleshooting High Latency & Relaying does not apply in this situation, since nothing in the underlying network should have changed, or did it? For what should I check?

Why does it not keep the DIRECT link anymore?

That shouldn’t happen… will take a look.
Does the new network conflict with their physical network somehow?

the networks shoud not interfere.
ZT Netzworks are

  • old:
  • new:

After further digging, I think the cause is a change in the network configuration.

I can not reproduce the error anymore.
When I try to connect via my wired ISP the connection is very good. But when I connect with a LTE modem I get 20-30 % paket loss.

You shoud probably delete this thread.

Sorry, too much hustle and bustle today… :woozy_face:

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