Synology DSM 7 docker VPN server


I want to use my Synology server as VPN server to route all traffic from my notebook / phone when I am outside home in not trusted network.

How to set zero tier on Synology in that way? There are some docs, but for older version of DSM or zero tier not in docker.

Here is what I have now: Synology NAS | ZeroTier Documentation

Hi, I don’t know if I understand your problem correctly but I would summarize like this:
0) create your network on the zerotier dashboard

  1. install docker on the Nas
  2. install zerotier in docker using the identity of the network you created
  3. install zerotier on pc and phone
  4. in the clients on pc and phone join your network
    if everything went right you are on horseback …

As far as I know Zero Tier needs extra settings to rout all traffic through VPN server in my home. There are some articles how to set it, but I didn’t find even one how to set it using Zero Tier in docker. Especially on Synology server.

The point is to route all traffic through the VPN server. Connecting with computers in the same Zero Tier network is not the issue.

*route all traffics - means if I use phone / notebook the connection to go like notebook <-> server in home <-> and this is the point and I didn’t find article how to achieve it using docker on Synology.

PS there is no other way to run Zero Tier on Synology as a plugin / application. Only one way is to run it as a docker.

I’m not a network management expert and I don’t even know if you can get what you want from zerotier on synology. But I know you can manage the zerotier installation in the docker by connecting via the ssh terminal and then using commands like “docker exec -it zt zerotier-cli …”
I don’t know if it will be useful to you …

thank you, unfortunately still need help to set it :slight_smile:

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