Synology DSM7 Manual install

I just discovered that the wheezy binaries work great on our x86_64 Synology NASs on DSM 7.1 (avoton_1817+, denverton_1819+, geminilake_920+). I assume because that build is static?
Moving the wheezy zerotier-one binary to /usr/local/bin (so it survives upgrades) and linking zerotier-cli zerotier-idtool, adding a systemd service and also a modules-load file containing the word “tun” to /usr/local/lib/modules-load.d/tun and starting the systemd service was all it took.
It seems this process could be added to the script for those who don’t require the zerotier gui on Synology (I’m assuming the gui was the reason for the switch to docker).
Are there other reasons for not going this route?

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