Synology NAS DSM 7.2.1-69057 - ZT Container(Docker) usage issue

I want to access my NAS via zerotier network:
The zerotier environment is now pingable (Zerotier ver:1.10.6)
NAS can also be accessed directly through a local area network or Quickconnect

But When I access the NAS IP address:
it does display ERR_ Connection_ REFUSED

Anyone any idea what/where it goes wrong?

other issue
Can I use zerotier to access NAS while enable the Quickconnect?

I have a Synology here with QuickConnect disabled and I have no issues opening SMB or web connections to it over the local LAN or via the Zerotier network.

The QuickConnect state may come into play but that still strikes me as odd since it’s just an additional point of entry going through a proxied/redirected connection from Synology.

Maybe you have a firewall rule that is applying to the new interface?

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