System that created the network fails to connect to remote zt clients, other zt clients connect OK

Created network on systemA inside my LAN. sysB & sysC inside LAN joined the network. Remote SysD and SysE joined the network.

I do not run any firewall code, but my router and one of the remote systems use port forwarding to access port 22 with a 5-digit port number. This all works 100% among all the zerotier clients outside and inside my LAN except for systemA, which fails to connect to remote zt clients (“No route to host”) 25% of the time and, when connection succeeds, soon drops the connection 100% of the time.

SysB and SysC have 100% connectivity with remote systems SysD & SysE, but systemA cannot connect 25% of the time (“No route to host” errors) to remote SysD or SysE and, when sytemA does connect to a remote system, the connection drops in short order.

I have a simple script that reproduces this problem on systemA and demonstrates 100% connectivity among SysB,C,D and SysE.

All I want is for the system that created my ZT network (systemA) to behave like all the other systems that have joined the network!

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