TabloTV setup via ZeroTier

Hey guys,

Love ZeroTier, but I have one troublesome app that I’m trying to fix. Hoping someone can tell me how to configure via ZeroTier…

Well, I have a DVR called TabloTV that is not cooperating. TabloTV app is on an LG TV and needs to be on the same sub-net (I assume) as the DVR. The Tablo support team wants me to take a 100lb 85" TV off the wall and drive it 350miles to my home, sync it with the Tablo DVR, and then drive it 350 back and hang it up. That’s not happening.

I have GL-iNet router and loaded ZeroTier on it. I can via a laptop go right to any IP address on my home network 10.20.20.x. So I know I have a path through to my home server network.

Now, From the Tablo app on my LG TV, it will not find the Tablo DVR. The TV is getting assigned a 192.168.8.x address from the GLiNet router, so I’m assuming it isn’t seeing the sub-net that the Tablo DVR is on If I try to assign the TV a 10.20.20.x address, it shows not connected to the internet.

I know I’ve got something configured incorrectly. Can anyone give me some advice on where to go?

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