TAP missing physical IP stuck "REQUESTING_CONFIGURATION"

I’ve had much trouble setting up a bridge network for my KVM as it wont work for my setup unless i use wired connection on my host and that’s not an option so i gave up on that last night.
Instead i thought maybe if i setup a VPN i can have my host, client and iphone talk to each other. today i did just that just to get stuck on the REQUESTING_CONFIGURATION inside my client machine.
It can ping the phone and host just fine but Zerotire wont assign it any ip to use.
The host is using a default TAP/NAT network to let the client use internet.

Thanks in advance for any help on this!! :smiley:

I also encountered this problem on macOS, are you using the latest zerotier client on the mac? I saw someone said there is an issue with the latest macOS version zerotier, and it suggested us to reinstall an older version zerotier

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