The latest tag Docker image version show is not 1.10.2

Hi, I use zerotier on docker, but i found some mistake on docker.
I pull the latest tag, but the version show is 1.6.5, please rebuild the image.

root@es:~# docker pull zerotier/zerotier
Using default tag: latest
latest: Pulling from zerotier/zerotier
Digest: sha256:0ab11324225600ab53839f9e8ea6897b39ffb5a2f56630c902419a443dac6303
Status: Image is up to date for zerotier/zerotier:latest
root@es:~# docker run -d --name test_zerotier_one zerotier/zerotier
root@es:~# docker exec test_zerotier_one zerotier-one -v
root@es:~# docker rm -f test_zerotier_one

Sounds like you have an older version of latest locally cached. Prior to running, try doing docker pull zerotier/zerotier:latest. That should pull the image up on docker hub.

Trying locally I got:

> docker run --name myzerotier --rm --cap-add NET_ADMIN --device /dev/net/tun zerotier/zerotier:latest abcdefdeadbeef00
Unable to find image 'zerotier/zerotier:latest' locally
latest: Pulling from zerotier/zerotier
a8ca11554fce: Pull complete
6b1216d2aa61: Pull complete
0ddc0a6934fc: Pull complete
e8862baa2185: Pull complete
673a56477549: Pull complete
153663eff2aa: Pull complete
8693146e70c6: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:53afdb11acda52eb7a1e6297d1d7fc753a131645a0bfa0f7ae511aa1ead4fcb0
Status: Downloaded newer image for zerotier/zerotier:latest
=> Configuring networks to join
=> Joining networks: [abcdefdeadbeef00]
===> Configuring join: [abcdefdeadbeef00]
=> Starting ZeroTier
===> ZeroTier hasn't started, waiting a second
=> Writing healthcheck for networks: [abcdefdeadbeef00]
=> zerotier-cli info: [200 info b50f75945a 1.10.2 OFFLINE]

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