The new Control Panel and UI - steps backwards

A bit of a step backwards.

  1. In the Control Panel:

a. You cannot paste a network code into the code field: it must be explicitly typed in, introducing the possibility of typing error and drastically slowing down deployment, especially by lay users, and introducing unnecessary difficulty. This is fantastically inconvenient. Why? Old versions of ZT accepted paste.

b. The device’s ZeroTier Address cannot be copied to the Clipboard. Again, it must be typed out into something, introducing the possibility of typing error. Why? Old versions of ZT allowed copying of this address.

  1. In the drop-down menu from the Menu Bar icon:

Joining and leaving networks used to be a one-click operation. Now, one has to wait for a sub-menu to appear from which to select Reconnect or Remove. This is cumbersome, and Remove can be accidentally selected. The previous menu arrangement was superior in almost every way. I suggest reverting to this arrangement, with a pop-out menu as now including connection information and a Forget button.

That said, thanks for an excellent system which I and my client base have been very reliant upon for the past 18 months.

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Reading you loud and clear. Thanks for the breakdown. We definitely don’t want to make things more cumbersome so you can expect some tweaks soon.

Thanks, Joseph. One other remark: by default the Menu Bar menu is ordered by network code in alphabetical order. It would be most helpful if it were also possible to order this by network name in alphabetical order. Thanks again for a great system. I have clients who would have gone out of business during the lockdowns had they not been able to remote work via ZeroTier.

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