The second ip address assign to the Zerotier virtual interface don't be responde to ping command

I have configured one second ip address to Zerotier virtual interface to work as VIP (Virtual IP Address) for HA (High Availability) Service On Two OPNsense Appliances.

But the others Zerotier peers on the same network don’t “see” this second ip address.

I will appreciate any suggestion.


It’s hard to guess if that is a zerotier issue or a opnsense issue. I’ve tested multiple IPs on the same zerotier interface on freebsd recently and it seemed to work.

Since it’s still 1 zerotier process on one router, it don’t know if that’s going to actually help you with HA. Unless you’re just experimenting.

Hi zt-travis

Thank you for your response.

In my case for OPNsense HA to work, it is necessary to configure the same VIP Address in both OPNSense Appliance in zerotier virtual interface network. Is this possible?

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